Yeah! Facebook Page Video Covers has arrived!

So if you don’t know already, Facebook Page Video Covers are now available giving users the option to use videos in place of their cover photos. That’s pretty exciting stuff!

Facebook Page Video Covers

Facebook Video Covers

Being an avid ‘videographer’ myself and Admin of several Facebook pages, I couldn’t wait to get in the swing of things and try my hands at creating a branding video for my art page. Initially, I wanted to produce a video from scratch, however, Google research got the best of me when I came across a really cool website that allowed me to use video creating tools to–at least in part–create my own Facebook Page Video Covers. Several hours later (my OCD got the better of my aaand…well, you know…), voila!

Need a creative job done right? Get Joan

Facebook Page Video Covers

I also came across this article by Ana Gotter, which I found informative and helpful in helping me determine how to develop my very first Facebook video cover. I am truly stoked about the results. Let me know what you think or if I can build any Facebook Page Video Covers for your brand. Stay tuned for some exciting stuff to come!

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