On my Easel – Divine by Artist Joan A Brown

On my Easel – Divine by Artist Joan A Brown: Opening to trying new things.

Recently and after watching Bob Ross complete one of his TV demonstrations whereby he combined Gesso and oil colors I decided to try my hand at this very interesting way of multi-media art. I often use Gesso for priming my canvases prior to painting on them but have never thought of using it this way. I like it a lot! It is a simple technique anyone can do. It never occurred to me to combine this medium with my forté oils.

About On my Easel – Divine by Artist Joan A Brown

Basically, the majority of the painting foundation is laid out in black and-or white Gesso first. After drying a thin coat of “Liquid Clear” is applied to the entire painting followed by a colorful layer of oil paints.  The homepage of this site displays one of my “Most Recent Completed Works” with this technique. It is three 8 x 10s painted as a set to create on complete painting.

If you’d like to see and follow the Golden Rays of Sunshine by Bob Ross, here the video:

My Easel painting is titled “Divine”, because I felt a shift in my style of painting when I did it. Also, because it is the first time trying this method, I felt a ‘divine’ connection in the painting process of this art thus far. I am a great procrastinator when it comes to completing my paintings. However, it will be completed in due time and it will be great!

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