Another RW Oil Painting Class Complete

Art is Therapy! RW (Recovery West) April-May Lessons

Recovery West Oil Painting For Beginners Session 2- 2017

Another RW Oil Painting Class Complete: I have had the pleasure of sharing my passion for art and teaching with my peers at Recovery West for more than three years now. Each time a session comes to its completion I feel a certain measure of healing take place and a boost overall self-confidence in my students and for me as well. The final lesson of each session is always a mix bag of emotions as the students gaze at his and-or her painting in disbelief of what they’ve created. Tears flow, cheeks rise with smiles and a stronger belief in self takes form. The entire process is visual proof we are all creative Beings.

This time around the focus was placed on clouds.

As with previous oil painting for beginners offered at RW, this session also had a subject of focus. This time around the focus was placed on clouds. Past subject included, simple techniques for painting water, evergreens, and mountains. These subject will be repeated in future lessons.

Another RW Oil Painting Class Complete

Thank you Rebecca, Joanne, and Judy and all former students who made time to help me help them. Continue painting. Let this be one in many paintings you’ll do. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need further assistance with subsequent art work. By all means, continue to heal through art.

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