Absolute Beginners Oil Painting Students’ Testimonials

Students’ Testimonials

Absolute Beginners Oil Painting Students' Testimonials

Students’ Testimonials

“I like detail work, so wanted to try to paint like Kincade. Joan guided me through it step by step, explaining about the different layers, and various techniques for mountains, trees, lake etc. I love her hands-on teaching and the way she explains everything in such a clear manner. Joan has a great sense of humour, is very patient, and her lessons are enjoyable and stress free. She is very knowledgeable, truly artistic, and builds a student’s courage to give it a try. She makes me feel like I can do it! She can do that for you too!” —Val L.

“In the fourteen months since I started taking lessons from Joan, I have learned the following:

  1. It does not matter that I cannot draw a straight line unless my table-top easel is crooked.
  2. There are few mistakes that cannot be fixed with patience and a little time. 
  3. It is amazing that I have created paintings that I can give away without embarrassment.and. . . 
  4. It is all because of Joan’s patience, humour, and love of sharing her passion for and knowledge of painting.”
    —Gabrielle D.

More Absolute Beginners Oil Painting Students’ Testimonials

“This is the 4th picture I painted in Joan’s class. As I was painting this picture I wasn’t able to visualize the finished product. With Joan’s patience and instruction and much to my surprise the picture turned out to be a true likeness to the photograph I used as a reference. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to paint with oils.” —Debbie T

“I loved the oil painting class that I took with Joan. I was nervous about painting and honestly didn’t believe I would be able to produce a landscape in one class. Joan’s ability to patiently guide me through the process not only let me come away with a painting that I was proud of, but has inspired me to continue painting. I would highly recommend this class to anybody who is wanting to try out oil painting. You won’t be disappointed.” —Lisa H.

“I find Joan to be very knowledgeable and supportive. She encourages me when attempting every new brush stroke, and also makes it clear that there is no real “wrong way” to do something. I seem to get to a point in every picture, where I despair of getting the finished picture to resemble my reference source but Joan’s encouragement and guidance gets me there every time. I highly recommend her lessons, jump in and have a go, you may surprise yourself, I did.” —Linda D.

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