10 Years Artist Joan A Brown Beginnings and Endings

10 Years Artist Joan A Brown Beginnings and Endings

Unnamed by Artist Joan A Brown

Reconnecting With My Work

Going through my possessions recently I came across two of what I consider my best works of art created exactly 10 years ago. Both paintings were stored in mailing tubes tucked away in black garbage bags I had not opened since relocating from Alberta several years ago.

A New and Different Mindset

“Looking at them has given me new motivation…”

I discovered an 8″  x 10″ first and then to my pleasant surprise this beautiful 14 x 18 inch oil painting painted on unstretched canvas in 2007. Looking at each piece I could not believe I painted them. I was in my element back then. Since I moved away I have not been the same in the way that I paint…something died. I can’t quite place my finger on it.

10 Years Artist Joan A Brown Beginnings and Endings

Be-that-as-it-may, they are signed with my signature so they are definitely my work. Looking at them has given me new motivation to try and regain whatever supposedly ‘died’, but with a new and different mindset.

These paintings are in need of a title and stretching. The image you see above is a poor representation of the larger painting taken with my hand-held camera. I plan to do a proper scans of both paintings and then repost them here among my other original paintings.

Let me know what you think would be a good title (name) for this piece. All suggestions are welcomed.

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